Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A fresh week

One thing I truly love about being a planner girl is the beginning of a new week.  I realize it's Wednesday but on Monday I always start my planning sesh for the week.  I try to do it on Sunday but that never pans out so Mondays are usually my day to get it all done.  I rarely plan ahead unless I need to remember a meeting or something and when that happens I usually use a sticky note before I commit to a permanent entry.  This photo is terrible, I realize this.  You wouldn't know I'm actually a photographer based on the quality of this photo but in my defense, I am a people photographer not a product photographer so taking photos of things is not my forte!  Which makes me sad because I want to have a blog with amazing photos but I guess I'll just resign myself to the fact that I can't be good at both.  It's ok, you get the idea though.  So here's a fresh week with some supplies I used to spruce up my layout.

I'm excited to finally get my planner shop up and running but it's taking much longer than I expected to actually get it off the ground.  I'm a procrastinator and a busy girl so that's my excuse.  In any case, I have lots of stickers, travelers notebooks, and planner accessories I am trying to get out there.  See that little paper clip, I'm super excited to offer those too.  They match my fauxdori notebooks and I'm thinking they will be offered as a freebie when you purchase a dori.  Those stickers on top, I made those too and they are by far some of my faves to date.  I have about 50 different sets that I've designed so far but again, getting them listed is a whole other story.  When IPT is ready for it's launch, I'll post it here.  Until then.....

Happy Planning! 

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