Saturday, October 25, 2014

College Ruled

I've been a sticker making fool for the last few days.  I made these little stickers that fit perfectly in my Erin Condren daily boxes to keep track of all my school assignments and they are working beautifully!  Of course you can use them for whatever your little heart desires but my intention was to create something that would make my school assignments stand out in my weekly spread.  I've added a border to the pdf file for ease of cutting but on my actual sticker sheets there is no border around the mini pieces of lined paper.  Feel free to download and print.

This download is for personal use only!  No you can't sell them, no you can't mass produce them, no you can't claim them as your own.  Be respectful of the time it took me to create these and don't be shady!
To download the pdf file please click HERE.


  1. Is this no longer available? I'm getting an error :(

  2. These are so cute. Unfortunately the link is broken. I would love to download, can you fix it please? :o)

  3. Trying to get your cool stickers, but the link gives me a 404 error message.
    Please Advise.