Saturday, October 11, 2014

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

The suspense is killing me!  I should know better than to stalk my account on EC but honestly I just can't wait.  Patience has never been a virtue of mine!  I know it's not even estimated to ship until next Friday but I keep hoping I'm going to see it shipped sooner.  I had a terrible dream about my planner last night, yes indeed I had a planner dream last night.  In my dream it arrived with the wrong cover and in a very small padded envelope and the only pages included were the month at a glance pages and there were sticky notes all over it that appeared to be from the department that puts your planner together.  OMG Apparently I'm obsessing over this planner a little too much.  I think I need therapy haha!

I plan today to make lots, and lots of inserts and stickers for my soon to be here planner.  I have a busy month already and I'm so tired of the little planner that I'm currently using and not being able to test my new planner goodies in it because it's not the right size.  Again, frustrations come from my impatience!  I need a lesson on how to be patient, really I do.

In the mean time; creating stuff seems to get me through.  I'm currently working on color coding stickers much like the Martha Stewart tear drop stickers found at Staples.  First of all I'm cheap (did I mention it took me over a year to break down and purchase an EC life planner?!), second of all I'm not in love with the colors that come in the pack.  So I am in the midst of creating my own:  Here's a peek.  I'm not sold on the colors yet but lucky for me I get to change them whenever I want ;)

I am also not sold on the tear drop shape but that seems to be the "in thing" so for now I'll go with it.  I also haven't decided if I'm going to use repositionable sticker sheets or permanent sheets because I honestly don't often move things once they are in my planner.  Let's face it, if I did I would never get anything done.

Today I plan on testing out my print and cut feature on my Silhouette Cameo and see if all my dreams will truly come true.  I'll let you know.  Until then,

Happy planning!

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